Friday, February 21, 2014

I want to live by a beach

Man am I sick of winter. Our backyard is so ugly right now. The snow has melted and its just dirt and the dogs keep dragging in mud! Ugh. I want winter over so we can finally put grass in our yard. I think we will probably stay here at least another year. We for sure will if we put in the grass. We keep checking other places ever so often but I love our area. We are in the middle of everything here in Midvale. Plus I just signed up with title one boxing club and found my passion! There is only one in Utah right now but they are opening up 2 more soon.

Unfortunately I sprained my foot last week. I finally got it xrayed Wednesday because I had rolled it last week, working out, the same way I broke it 4ish years ago. I had severe pain at first I was swearing and walking around the gym like an idiot then it started getting better and mostly went away so I kept working out on it. It has gradually been getting worse. Monday I decided to wear my boot to work and I forgot how much I hated that thing. My whole leg was cramped that night but the injured part felt better. Anyway found out it is not broken! Halleluiah!!! So happy. The Doctor said I should run/jump on it for 2 weeks but other than that I should be fine! I was starting to lose some fat after I joined this amazing gym but I lost my motivation and have been piggin out on the crap Chris came home from the store with. Bad husband! That is why I have to do the grocery shopping. Now that I can't box I don't wanna work out the boring way again. Plus side my left hand I injured when I first started boxing 3 weeks ago is feeling amazing! I'm ready to punch things again.

Chris and I barely see each other it sucks. Both working and going to school and our schedules make it so we can't see each other Tuesday-Friday at all. Usually we see each other at 930 or 10 at night and are beat and fall asleep. Monday we see each other in the morning and evening but we have school all afternoon. I'm taking a 4 hour film and culture class Mondays and will never take this long of a class again! Saturday we plan a million things and then Sunday we go to church and do homework. We haven't even seen our in laws the past 3 weeks because we are so dead by Sunday.